Mother’s Day Brunch

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommies out there! Today is your day to relax and be fabulous :)

For Mother’s Day this year, Nous wanted to treat our moms to something extra sweet: a bouquet of flower shaped sugar-cookies! Our first step was to make the sugar-cookie dough using an easy and delicious recipe from All Recipes. After allowing the dough to chill over night, we rolled it out and cut flower and heart shaped cookies using cookie-cutters. We placed the raw flowers and hearts onto candy sticks before baking them. After they cooled, we decorated the cookies using melted chocolate wafers. Mmm.

Nous et Vous - Baking Sugar Cookies

Next, it was time to arrange our flower pots. We used styrofoam balls to hold up the flower cookies, then added faux-moss and flowers to give them some charm. Attached to the pot was a little brown envelope stuffed with a packet of seeds. After eating the yummy cookies, our moms can use the pots to grow some real flowers!

Nous et Vous - Cookie Flower Pots

The flower pot cookies were featured on our Mother’s Day brunch table; they were the perfect centre piece!

Nous et Vous - Mother's Day BrunchNous et Vous - Mother's Day BrunchNous et Vous - Mother's Day Brunch

Our moms absolutely LOVED their surprise. Not only are the cookie flower-pots pretty to look at and yummy to eat, they express our love and appreciation for the amazing women who raised us!

Nous et Vous - Moms!


3 responses to “Mother’s Day Brunch

  1. marta

    mothers give from the moment their children come into this world…it is an amazing thing when a child starts giving back…Pia, you are blessed to have such a thoughtful, and talented daughter!!!!

  2. Franca

    Christina, this was so beautiful what you did for your mom, she mustve loved it. You have some great talent there, absolutely loved your presentation of it.


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