Mini Party

A couple of months ago, our friend Lisa told us about the adorable little burgers she spotted at Loblaws and encouraged us to use them at our next party. Nous loved the idea so much that we decided to treat all our friends to a Mini Dinner Party. The party revolved around miniature foods and desserts. For dinner: home-made mini guacamole and brushetta appetizers, mini pop cans and water bottles, mini baked potatoes filled with cheddar and sour cream, mini burgers and sausages topped with fried onions and mushrooms. For dessert: mini coca-cola cupcakes and pineapples stuffed with mini berries. We’re happy to report that everyone had a wonderful night; we all left the party with smiles and full stomachs (the miniature foods are more filling then they look). Thanks for joining us, friends! And a special thanks to Elisa for hosting the party and making the delicious pineapple and berry dessert!


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