A burst of colour

We celebrated our good friend Naomi’s birthday last weekend. A bunch of our close friends gathered in a Toronto hotel suite to eat, talk and laugh before heading out for a night on the town. Naomi used a recipe from her Fresh Cookbook to make us a delicious, Indian inspired rice bowl. Nous was in charge of the desserts. We decided to surprise her with rainbow treats and decor; something to brighten up the room and match her colourful personality! We used this YouTube video as a guide while making the rainbow cupcakes. For the cupcake toppers, we melted chocolate in plastic bags and outlined little “N” shapes on parchment paper. After letting them harden in the fridge over night, we used melted coloured chocolate to design the Ns. We spotted these fun accordion streamers on Oh Happy Day! and thought they would be perfect for our colourful theme. They were very easy to make using coloured construction paper! Everyone had a great time, especially when eating the cupcakes after a night of non-stop dancing! Happy birthday Naomi!


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