Kale Chips

Yay or nay?

The first couple of kale chips I ate were delicious which is why I decided to dedicate a post to them. It may be my method of baking (my oven tends to get a little too hot so I decided to make another batch at a lower temperature and they were MUCH better) or the fact that I’m not dried seaweed type of gal, but as I crunched away some of the kale chips left  an odd taste in my mouth. Not bad! Just odd.

The verdict: Yay! I decided that I will continue to make and eat Kale chips (and adjust to their seaweediness). I’m not sure that I’ll ever like them more than french fries or potato chips, but they’re definitely quick and easy to make, and will add much needed nutrition to my diet.

Words of advice: Kale leaves shrink when cooked so keep that in mind when you’re ripping your chips pre-bake.

Do you eat kale chips? What was your first experience like?

Christina. XX.



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One response to “Kale Chips

  1. ah! love home made kale chips! last night we had fried little night smelt and kale chips. divine!

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