What’s wrong with your cookie?

Now that I have baked for a few years, I can confidently say that I have perfected my recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies. I remember I had to try out few recipes and practiced on many batches as my cookies have turned out undercooked, too crispy and burnt (I’ll admit from time to time,  I still burn them when I forget to take them out of the oven when the timer goes off).

Well today, I came across the best site that teaches you how to bake The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie.  Best part, it also shows the difference between a good cookie versus those that have gone wrong – very helpful information to those who are beginners and are still learning. Well Enjoy – I hope it helps you!

Valerie. XX.

(Source: http://theperfectchocolatechipcookie.com/instruct.php)





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2 responses to “What’s wrong with your cookie?

  1. Nice post! really helpful information….can you tell that I can’t bake cookies? lol

  2. The oven hates me with a grudge, but i WILL take the largest one with the most chocolate chip ;)

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