One Less Lonely Girl

This past weekend, Nous was invited to Christina’s little cousin Julia’s BIEBER-thday party at Streetsville Bowl. Julia was turning 9, and as a Justin Bieber fan, her mom and dad wanted to surprise her with something special: Bieber themed cupcakes.

We made Julia our yummy Cookie Dough Cupcakes, in both vanilla and chocolate versions. They were decorated with hand crafted purple and metallic tissue pom-poms,  sprinkles and lots of Justin Bieber toppers! When it was time for cake, all the kids were excited, but the girls were most excited to see J.B.’s cute face. The kids devoured their cupcakes, licking all the icing, and making sure every last crumb was eaten. By the time they were done, they all had Bieber Fever.

This sure was a fun and enjoyable birthday party!  We are so glad Julia loved her presents and cupcakes, and we are certain that there’s gonna be one less lonely girl :)

Nous. xx.


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  1. This is really interesting, You’re a very skilled blogger.

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