Nous et Vous VS. The French Macaron Part 2

We won! Our third attempt at making French Macarons was 100% more successful than our first and our second (our 2nd attempt pictures mysteriously disappeared so we re-made them). The reason why our macarons went from flat and sticky to plump and crunchy was because of one thing: the batter. This time, our batter was the perfect consistency so it was easy to squeeze perfectly shaped circles onto our baking sheets. Nous’ baking tip: Whip those egg whites until you can turn your bowl upside down and nothing falls. That’s the consistency you want before mixing in your ground almonds and confectionary sugar! 

The trick for making perfect looking macarons is to let them sit outside of the oven before baking until they’ve almost hardened. We actually did a happy dance when we peeked in on our baking shells and saw that they had feet – the squishy, foamy looking rim that surrounds the bottom of the cookie! Now that we know the secret to basic macaron-ing, we’ll attempt to make different varieties and colours!


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