Nous et Vous vs. the French Macaron

Last night, Nous decided to bake something special. Armed with our new, French inspired aprons (handmade by Christina) and Martha Stewert’s recipe, we began our first attempt at making the classic French dessert: Macarons. Like most first-timers we were a little intimidated by these tiny cookies, mainly because almost every review and recipe we came across warned us of the difficulties ahead. One little oversight can change the consistency of the batter and ruin the recipe completely – which is exactly what happened to us.

We eagerly started combining our ingredients: egg whites and granulated sugar separately from the ground almonds and confectioner’s sugar. Everything was going perfectly, the egg whites were whisked to perfection and we were ready to fold in the the almond mixture, when suddenly we remembered something: the food colouring! Mistake number one. Instead of mixing the food colouring into the egg whites BEFORE whisking it with sugar, we added the colour AFTER the eggs were already fluffy, causing the entire mixture to become liquidy and thin. Woops.

Our one, tiny mistake resulted in failure. Nous’ advice: make sure you follow your macaroon recipe word for word. Do not miss one single step or else your macaroons will end up looking like ours – flat, chewy and burnt (see image below). You win this round, French Macarons, but tonight we’ll meet again and we promise we’ll win!

(image of what our macarons were supposed to look like found here)



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3 responses to “Nous et Vous vs. the French Macaron

  1. Dee

    Ah! I thought they were both yours. You just selected only the good looking ones ha ha ha AW! Well it was a good first attempt. I’m sure if you get it on the 2nd try that will be better than most! And val just told me about the burned bottoms

  2. Dee – the delicious looking ones aren’t ours! :) We had some issues with the batter so they ended up being flat. BUT we’re trying again tonight and hopefully they look just as good as their supposed to!

  3. Dee

    You DID it !! So Proud, and they look delicious!

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