Who says you can’t have a backyard party?

So I was reading the Toronto Star online today as per usual, to get updates of the world but merely to fulfill my boredom, and I came across something really cool. For all those who live in apartments with no backwards or townhouses with lack of backyard space, and wish to throw awesome outdoor parties…well now you can!  That is, if you live in New York.

Participation Agency, a marketing company has launched a recent project called the”Timeshare Backyard.” They are offering New Yorkers a chance to rent, by the hour, a 3000 sq. ft. open backyard space located in Lower East Side. It can be used to host all types of events such as a simple barbecue with friends or a beer pong tournament party. On top of the rented space, you can also add features for additional costs which includes slip n’ slide, barbecue, tiki torches, trampoline, super soakers, beer pong tables, hammocks, private band…basically anything you would find at an awesome, fun and cool backyard party. And it’s not that pricey….only 50$ an hour (though I am not sure if it’s per person or just the fixed hour cost).

I think this is an awesome, unique idea. Perhaps, they could bring it to Toronto. I mean, nowadays, everyone is moving into the city and there is either none or lack of backyard space to host those fun outdoor parties. Would you consider renting this space and throwing a party? Let me know what you think! I love this idea.

– Val. XX.

(Image from: Participation Agency)


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One response to “Who says you can’t have a backyard party?

  1. Willerman

    Val…funny to see your post cuz I was just looking into renting a grassy/garden space for my friend’s wedding shower. Toronto should really have something like that. Only places I found were like baller places that I can’t afford.

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