End of Summer To Do List

A couple of hours ago, during the last dinner in my Vienna “home”, I was asked a simple question: what’s the first thing you’re going to do when you get home? Of course I immediately responded with something silly (like hanging out with my dog), but after thinking about it seriously, I realized that I have tons of things I want to do before summer ends. Here are some pictures of things I hope Val and I will have time to do and share with you this month:

(1) Learn how to make French macaroons (and bring them to a picnic) (2) Host a seafood boil (3) Design an awesome business card (4) Tie-Dye anything (5) Use giant round balloons as event decor



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2 responses to “End of Summer To Do List

  1. Oh don’t you worry, I would never forget something so delicious (especially because potatoes are involved!)

  2. Dee

    We have to make POTATO THINGS! Did you already forget?? lol

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