Cupcake Challenge: Success!

Hi Everyone!

These past couple of weeks have been super hectic for me especially with my dad visiting from Shanghai, graduation and most of all, preparing for Nous et VousFIRST Cupcake Order! Thank you for waiting patiently; I am now ready to fill you in on all the work and details of this wonderful opportunity.

So our first order of cupcakes was for an outdoor Graduation Party hosted by our friend, Tim. A fancy party was much needed as Tim had family coming from here and there to celebrate this major milestone in his life. The party had a green theme, featuring white circular lanterns hanging above and all around you. It was really pretty. (Good job Tim!)

While Tim handled the decor of his party, I was given the duty to prepare an extravaganza display of cupcakes for him and his guests. I made 3 types of flavors: Classic Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Frosting, Lemon Raspberry Swirl Cupcake with Lemon Buttercream, and Oreo Cupcake with Cream Cheese Frosting. The cupcakes were displayed on a glass table mounted on a barrel, along with picture frames that had Dr. Seuss quotes from “Oh, the Places You’ll Go”.  I also made little grad cupcake tags as well as grad cupcake toppers. I have to admit, I was really happy with the end result, and I want to thank everyone who has helped and supported me along the way in creating these lovely little treats.

This surely was a fun and exciting project for Nous et Vous and we can’t wait for more!

– Val. XX.


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One response to “Cupcake Challenge: Success!

  1. Dee

    Delicious!! Initially I thought my favourite was the lemon, but Val’s new experiment of Oreo cupcakes where half the Oreo cookie was placed at the bottom of the cupcake, and then baked with with the batter was unreal!
    I now know that I shouldn’t bake, but that i’m the world’s best oreo twister offer – and can twist of the oreo tops with the filling intact like it’s my job!

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