It’s happening. We’re growing up and there’s nothing we can do about it. But getting older doesn’t have to be a bad thing! Just think about all the amazing parties you’ll attend as you or your friends move out, get new jobs, buy new houses or get married, and “growing up” can actually start to seem exciting!

Nous is going to our first housewarming party this weekend and we can’t wait to pick out something cute for our friend’s new place. Here’s a little housewarming inspiration guide that we put together for the occasion! Enjoy!

(1) Potted Onion Grass  (2) Skinny Dips (3) East Indies Jewellery Box (4) Cold Beverage Jar (5) Diamond Cut Measuring Cups
(6) Le Creuset Enameled Stoneware Canisters


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One response to “Housewarming

  1. naomi katz

    OMG i loveee the urban outfitters jewellery box so cutee

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