Rainy Day Parties

In honour of Toronto’s rainy weather forecast, here are some party ideas that are even better on gloomy days like today:

Soup Party

Invite your friends over for a pot luck soup party. Arrange your table as a buffet and use mugs and small bowls your guests can try more than one soup. You can also set up soup garnishes, breads, cheese and crackers and small sandwiches on the buffet line.

Tea Party

Tea parties aren’t just for Kate Middleton and her royal family. Set up some bright flowers, a cookie and cake bar, your friends’ favourtie tea flavours, a teapot of hot water and voila! You have yourself a tea party.

Gossip Girl Party

Get together with your besties, pop some popcorn and gather around the TV to watch your favourite shows. Nous chose option 3 for tonight! We’re having a Gossip Girl party!

Images: (1) Soup Party, Spring Onion and Pea & Minestrone (2) Tea Party, Great White Cake Stand & Cookie Bar (3) Gossip Girl Party, Snack Cups


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